Our business



Petrochemical products are essential to daily life in today's society, and NIDAK's products support the many processes employed in the production of these products.

At NIDAK, we manufacture high alloy stainless steel cast parts that are used in extreme temperatures ranging from 900°C~1200°C on the high end to cryogenic temperatures of -196°C. They are also used in a variety of harsh, highly-corrosive environments of high acidity and high alkalinity. Among these many products, we have continued since our foundation to produce pressure-resistant parts and structure components for items such as fittings and tube supports used in furnaces like ethylene cracking furnaces and oil refining furnaces.

Today, NIDAK's products are not only used across Japan but in plants around the world.

In terms of products for the petrochemicals industry, we specialize in producing parts such as fittings, tube supports, and parts used in quencher lines, transition pieces, transfer lines, and more. By specializing in such production, we are able to maintain a high level of quality, while flexibly responding to our customer's order preferences and delivering added cost benefits. We are also able to provide a degree of freedom in forming shapes that are typically difficult to manufacture by forged products. This has led to the current adoption of NIDAK products in plants across Japan as well as around the world.

Flexibility in Placing Orders

By specializing in the production of fittings, we can offer our customers the option of ordering tubes and fittings separately. This allows us to provide a new form of competitive pricing to better match customer budgets. In addition, NIDAK is equipped with a system capable of supporting small lot production, so we can flexibly process orders based on the timeline and quantities our customers require.

Our Investigation and Research System

We have a complete technical support system that supports our customer's factory processes based on our extensive experience and industry-leading research facilities. From creep and high temperature tensile testing to residual life assessments, carburization tests, and more, we not only deliver detailed reports on testing results but also provide technical advice, so we can continue supporting our customers as their casting and materials expert.