Our business



NIDAK manufactures components used in numerous applications beyond its core customer base of companies in the centrifuge, shipbuilding, petrochemical, and paper and pulp industries.

For example, we produce parts used in a wide range of applications, including components for pumps and valves, generators for the heavy electric power industry, components for synthetic rubber manufacturing facilities, reforming reactors for hydrogen stations, food processing machinery, incinerators, magnetic particle manufacturing devices, and injection molding machinery. In addition, we have set up an independent in-house Research Developement Division that allows for selecting the ideal material to be used in a customer application and provide an optimum proposal accordingly. As a result, we provide a diverse and extensive range of technical support to customers in various types of industries, starting with consultations on material selection at the design development stage.

NIDAK's Unmatched Ability to Offer Optimum Proposals based on the Flexible Adoption of 5 Types of Casting Methods

At NIDAK, we are capable of flexibly employing five different types of casting methods: horizontal centrifugal casting, vertical centrifugal casting, sand mold centrifugal casting, sand mold static casting, and shell mold casting. By selecting the optimal production method based on the customer's specified conditions for shape, product specifications, and order quantity, we can offer proposals for the casting method best matched to their needs.

NIDAK's Strength: A Lineup of Materials in Various Grades

In order to support a diverse range of applications, it is essential to have an accurate understanding of each application and to select the material with the most suitable properties. We have set up a department that specializes in material research and are able to process various grades and types of material, including those developed in-house. This ensures we provide the best materials to meet our customer's applications.

Supporting Our Customer's Future Success with Expert Advice on Materials

At NIDAK, we mobilize our comprehensive research facilities and independent Research Technologies Division to conduct detailed examinations of previously used parts and components.

We not only inspect the condition of products currently in use in terms of abrasion and wear, but also offer useful advice as our customer's material expert for improving parts and employing future countermeasures. This advice covers welding processes, heat treatment conditions, and much more.