Commitment to

Our Commitment to Quality and Research


Technology to Support In-house Operations as well as Lower Customer's Total Costs

Our Research and Development Department pays detailed attention to the customer’s needs and offers proposals for optimal materials that are best matched to the respective application. In addition to material selection, they offer other customer-focused services, such as residual life diagnostics and defective material inspections to find the cause of any damage, as well as ongoing technical support to customers as their dedicated casting and metal specialist.

  • Comprehensive Research Facilities

    From scanning electron microscopes (SEM-EDS) used to observe surface conditions and analyze the composition of micro regions to corrosion and tension testing machines for measuring mechanical properties, we have worked to maintain a comprehensive range of equipment since our founding. Whether using fatigue and creep testing machines, abrasion and hardness testing devices, or various facilities for the research and examination of the material, we mobilize the full capacity of our facilities and equipment in addressing the various research requests of our customers.

  • Expert Advice and Proposals in Addition to Research Reports

    Upon receiving a research request from a customer, we not only provide a report of the results, but also offer professional advice and proposals as their expert in the casting and material testing industry. These, in turn, can be applied to the customer’s future operations. For this reason, we regularly receive consultations from clients seeking our support from the design stage of their projects.

  • Material Selection Based on the Customer’s Needs

    At Nidak, we supply products designed for a diverse range of industries and applications. It is crucial to have a solid understanding of each application’s requirements and demands when selecting the appropriate materials. We assist customers in selecting the optimal materials that best match their applications using our extensive expertise of metals that we have developed over many years of research.


Comprehensive Quality Management

As the demands for product quality control rise each year, we have made it our principle “to take direct responsibility and guarantee each product we make, ourselves.” We have established a system for implementing nearly all required inspections, including destructive and non-destructive testing, in-house and have obtained international certifications, including ISO 9001, as well as numerous other accreditations managed by various institutions, organizations, and customers.

Specifically, in addition to composition analyses and various non-destructive tests -- including penetrant testing (PT), magnetic particle testing (MT), ultrasonic testing (UT), and radiographic testing (RT) -- our personnel and facilities are able to implement assorted mechanical tests, such as tensile tests (up to 1100°C), charpy impact tests, and creep rupture tests as well as pressure testing and strain measurements.

We are confident that the Nidak products tested by our expert personnel using advanced equipment and technologies will satisfy the demands of our customers.