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Pulp and paper・Fiberboard

The pulp and paper industry produces various paper products, including toilet paper and printing paper, which are essential to our daily lives.

The fiberboard industry produces boards used in building material and in furniture. NIDAK's casting technologies are used in the machines that produce the various familiar products that comprise our day-to-day lives.

NIDAK's Technical Strength as Seen through
its Extensive Product Portfolio

The quality, lifespan, and energy efficiency of plates used in refiners varies greatly depending on the design. At NIDAK, we communicate directly with the customer and draft product designs that best satisfy the requirements they demand. Our rich manufacturing experience of refiner plates used in all types of applications -- from plates for boards and TMP to plates for the stock preparation process -- has been built on our company's technical strengths and the variety of factors we consider when approaching our work. Thanks to this record of achievements, our cast products have been embraced not only by paper and board manufacturers across Japan but also by numerous users overseas.

Proposals that Ensure Everyone Wins

At NIDAK, we pride ourselves on our exceptional ability to deliver the best material proposals according to the usage environment. This is made possible by the extensive knowledge and technical expertise we have cultivated through our product creation in various fields over the years. We harness our knowledge of materials as a casting manufacturer to deliver innovative proposals for existing products that include changes to the product's shape or material property. By improving performance in this way, we are able to cut costs and increase product life, thereby creating a win-win scenario for both our customers and ourselves.

Reverse-engineering at NIDAK

When customers are confronted with a component that has degraded and needs replacement but is no longer produced by the original manufacturer, NIDAK is able to use its high-precision 3D scanners to recreate the drawing in order to reproduce the part in our factory.