Commitment to

100% Committed to Giving Our All to Our Customers

NIDAK's sales teams work tirelessly to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. You cannot create a lasting relationship if only one side benefits at the other's expense. We believe that every solid and long-lasting partnership is built on a win-win relationship between the two parties. Upon receiving a request from a customer, we faithfully communicate the extent to which we can respond to said request without promising more than NIDAK can deliver. Making sure both companies win is always top of mind for us. We will never commit to a request we cannot adequately support or complete. When we do take on a project, however, we commit ourselves entirely to giving everything we can to honor our promise.


Detailed Consultations and the Very Best Proposals, Every Time

The greatest features cast products offer are a high degree of freedom during designing and the potential for making minute adjustments to the quality of the material. The tradeoff for this, however, is that the design process requires extensive knowledge and experience to be executed properly. At NIDAK, we have set up a department dedicated exclusively to the production and design of molds. Here, we select materials, conduct appropriate tests, create specification sheets, and modify product's shapes so that our customers can obtain the greatest possible benefit from our cast products. NIDAK's Design and Engineering Department carries out detailed and careful consultations with our customers in order to fully assess their needs and requirements, so they can offer the best possible proposals.


The Power of Coordination and Integration Created
by Executing Every Process In-house

Our sales and technical teams coordinate and work closely together before meeting with a customer to provide a technical proposal concerning a material or cast product. Our aim is not simply to provide technical support, but to make sure no opportunity is lost for customers to gain a deeper understanding of NIDAK's superior quality and technologies. If you would like to receive a consultation on a technical matter, do not hesitate to contact NIDAK's sales team.

  • Support for All Types of File Formats

    We adjust the formats for our specification sheets and drawings according to the operation environment of our customer. We are also able to offer 3D renderings of products to provide a clearer image of their shape, in addition to standard 2D drawings.

  • A Collection of Technical Experts with an Exhaustive Knowledge of Castings

    NIDAK's Design and Engineering Department is equipped not only with expert knowledge on the design and production of castings, but also serves as your casting professional for testing methods, materials, manufacturing processes, and more. This comprehensive knowledge allows us to provide proposals for the most effective designs to achieve our customer's requirements.

  • Made-in-Japan Quality, Delivered Globally

    The quality of Japan's products and services is world-class. Since our establishment, we at NIDAK have set our sights on the global market and actively engaged directly with customers overseas. On each tour abroad, we meet with our users and hold an in-depth discussion to hear their thoughts and opinions firsthand. Each region of the world has its own unique culture that we work to adapt to. That said, we conduct our sales operations with pride as a Japanese corporation offering the highest standards towards service.