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Centrifuges are actively used in a wide array of fields, such as wastewater treatment, food processing, chemical production (pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals), clothing, construction, and environmental improvement. They employ centrifugal force on substances of varying gravities (liquid-solid, liquid-liquid, liquid-liquid-solid, etc.) in order to separate them apart. As such, centrifuges rely on rotor components capable of withstanding incredible forces, ranging from 1,000 to 20,000G.

Since our foundation, NIDAK has supplied top-quality rotor components together with conveyor parts that serve as feeders for the separated substances that domestic and international centrifuge manufacturers can reliably use even in the most servere environments.

NIDAK's Metallurgists Provide Dedicated Support
in Selecting the Best Materials

Centrifuges are used in a diverse range of fields and industries. The performance and functionality required of these machines also varies according to the type and shape of material being processed. As a result, rotor components must not only be made with high mechanichal strengths, but must also possess adequate corrosion resistance properties for treating highly corrosive materials. The properties of each material support the component's performance. At NIDAK, we regularly conduct research and surveys on numerous materials to ensure that our teams select the best materials for our customers's intended applications, while providing reliable and accurate customer support. We always keep the total cost to the customer in mind and provide technical support as their dependable material expert.

Comprehensive In-house Testing

For high-speed rotating parts operating in extreme environments, it is essential to use materials with the highest level of quality, both in terms of maintaining machine performance and safety. To guarantee this, it is essential that material manufacturers implement strict testing, while continuing to provide products that clearly meet the customer's specifications. At NIDAK, we conduct all required testing for products used in centrifuges in-house and implement a system that guarantees the delivery of undeniable quality.

NIDAK's Unique Customizations lead
to smoother production at customer's facility

As your metal expert, NIDAK carries extensive know-how and experience in manufacturing methods. The machining conditions for the cast components we provide vary according to our customer's production systems.

At NIDAK, we focus on the total cost to our customers and are able to arrange delivery conditions for the cast parts we supply based on our customer`s production systems. What's more, we not only meet tolerance requirements for both machining accuracy and reproducibility, but also arrange products so that any final processing operations carried out by the customer can be completed smoothly. We are more than confident each customer will be able to experience firsthand what we call "NIDAK Quality".